I Swear, That I Won’t Hit the Amazon Easy Button


I don’t know about you but I think I’m in love with Amazon. But not just Amazon; Amazon Kindle.  I find it all to easy to search out books that I come across when I’m reading a genealogy blog or in an article .. then I read the reviews and then press that easy “buy now 1-click” button.

I’ve even enabled myself a bit more because,  when I’m in the U.S., I buy an Amazon card that I load to my account so that my purchases are made with it rather than with my credit card. But that makes it all the more easy; because now you’ve already paid for the card. So months later it feels like you can buy anything because you don’t have to pay.  Silly girl…..

So I pledge that I won’t hit the Amazon easy button for…. a month…. really a month?  Wow, that seems a bit long don’t you think?… ok a week…… one week you say? well I probably could do that….. I guess if I find an interesting book I can put it on my wish list…. <sigh>




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