Are your reading or listening to Genealogy Books..

Mobile Phone With Books Showing Online Knowledge

Do you read genealogy books? I don’t just mean “how to books” or local history books, I’m talking about novels. There are many titles available that will bring your love of family history and entertainment together.

One of the things that Amazon Kindle has going for it is what I call their “easy button”. It that one click button where you buy the book and it’s instantly on your iPad, phone, tablet, whatever you’ve told it to download to. How easy is that? Well sometimes too easy when I look at the amount of books I’ve purchased. But I’ll read them all someday.

To books that come to mind for me are; 150 Years Later and Annie’s Ghost.

150 Years Later Broken Ties Mended by Melvin J.Collier. During slavery many families were broken up due to selling. This was the case of 12-year-old Bill Reed.  Melvin J. Collier has written about his quest to find the descendants of his great-grandfather to bring them all together for a family reunion 150 years later.

Annie’s Ghost written by Steve Luxenberg; a reporter whose mother always said she was  an only child. Then a few years before her death she tells him she had a sister that was mentally and physically disabled. Steve Luxenberg searches to find answers to the family secret of Annie.

These are just two books that I’ve found and I hope you check them out.



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