Queries – Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Question Mark Puzzle Shows Asking Questions And Inquiring


Queries can be a useful tool for doing family history. They can be posted on genealogy society webpages or to genealogy boards.

When creating your query be sure to give it a title that tells the reader at a glance what you’re looking for. If you post something like;  “Family History” most people will just scroll by it. But if you post; “William BEATON, Pittsburgh Township, Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario” then if they have a connection to that name at least they will stop and read. After all, isn’t that why you’re creating the post? To have someone look”.

Many years ago I posted on the Edmonton Branch of the Alberta Genealogy Societies query page; I wrote that at the time of my great-aunt;  Jesse Lett’s death that she was survived by the following people etc. This led to my meeting my second cousin (on-line) about a month later. She wasn’t even aware that she had any other family on that side of the family.

Also be sure to stop and search those old queries.. perhaps someone is searching for your family.



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