Boy Was I Wrong (I thought I wasn’t going to do genealogy)


If you’ve been reading along then you know that my husband; Kevin and I, were away to a Harley Rally in Victoria, British Columbia. We had a great time with lots of riding and the weather was very warm, which was great because there wasn’t any rain. (Darn I could have had more space on the bike if I didn’t bring my rain gear and leather jacket).

After our trip on the “Going to the Sun” road and up through Seattle. (You need to check out their; Underground Tours) we arrived in Victoria last Wednesday. Suddenly I had one of those light bulb moments when I realized that Victoria is the home of the B.C. Archives. Hmmmm who do I have that would be in the B.C. Archives? Well, my great-grandfather; Jesse lived and died in Osoyoos. My great-uncle; Alfred lived and died in Kelowna. Another great-uncle; Ted  lived and died in Osoyoos. … and then there is the Beaton family…

So I went to the archives on Thursday and sure enough they had my great-grandfather; Jesse’s will and my great-uncle Alfred’s will and even an audio tape of my  great uncle Ted talking about pioneer life in Alberta and British Columbia.  But could I come back tomorrow so they could pull the items? You bet I could…..

So off Kevin went on Friday on a ride to Port Renfrew and off I went to the archives.. But before I went there I made a stop at the  CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum.  But I’m not going to tell you why I went there until tomorrow…

Then another cab ride, but this time to the Esquimalt Archives which is below the MacDonald’s. So guess where I had lunch? Again I’ll save this part until tomorrow.

Then another stop at the Victoria Genealogical Society to drop in to see what they might have that would help me and you guess it… I’ll tell you more about this tomorrow.

Finally I arrived at the  B.C. Archives which is right in front of the Royal B.C. Museum. We didn’t make it to the Museum but Kevin and I watched two wonderful movies the day before at the Imax. But I digress…..

I should tell you that one of the archivist had already phoned  me on Friday morning to tell me that they wouldn’t have the wills until Monday and I’d told them that I wouldn’t be in Victoria but  I would pay them to have them copied and mailed to me.

I have to tell you that the staff at the Archives were so helpful and friendly. Not just the archivist but the guard as well.

So they didn’t have my wills but they did have the audio available. It was so thrilling to hear my Uncle Ted telling stories again.  Uncle Ted died in 1983 and  I’m not sure when the last time I would have seen him was.  He was not a big man but he had a personality as “big as all outdoors”.

Ted Pendergraft
Ted Pendergraft

He was interviewed by someone, probably from the genealogy society, that knew him. It started out; your name is Theodore William Pendergraft and my uncles says; Yes, I was born in Buffalo, Wyoming and was named after Teddy  Roosevelt. My daddy always said I could have been President.  I probably would have been if I’d have stayed in the United States. The tape goes on for 45 minutes and talks about Alberta and British Columbia in the 30’s and in 1982 when it was taped; just one year prior to his death.

When you listen to him you realized what an intelligent man he was and maybe I’m biased, but I think he could have been President.


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