Family Photos – Get Out Your Creative Thinking Cap

When you have an interest in family history I think an off shoot  of that is that you try to find and preserve family photos.

I know for me, family photos are precious, as only one side of my family either took a lot of photos or maybe it was just that  the other line didn’t feel they were as important as I do and got rid of them over the years.

If your one of the lucky people and you do have family photos, sometimes it’s fun to use these photo in different ways so that you can interest your family in the things you have found.

I’ve done a couple of things with my family photos  and if you search around on the internet or Pinterest you’ll find many more.

A couple of years ago for Christmas I made a metal photo panel showing the many generations in the family.  I made one for each of my brothers which had a photo of their son, themselves, my father and my dad’s father.

Below is something I made for myself showing six generations of the women in my family.


Another was a project that I started before my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer ‘s. It was a heritage cookbook. I started collecting photographs of my mom’s six siblings (one from when they were younger and one as current as possible). I also asked for a copy of their favourite recipe. You know that recipe that they were famous for,  like my Auntie Faye’s;  Yorkshire Pudding.  As it turned out my mom’s sickness progressed really quickly and it was only a few months after she was diagnosed that she no longer recognized the family.  At one point I had thought about not completing the book. But after about a year I decided to go ahead with the project and I dedicated the book to my mom.  It turned out great and many of my cousins from my mom’s side of the family asked for copies.

Recipes from the HeartRecipes from the Heart 2

In fact we’ve talked about a volume two with recipes from all the cousins.

These are just a few ideas and you are only limited by your creativity.More ideas tomorrow, stay tuned.




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