I Need to Get Organized

close up of file folder

Often as with any hobby, it’s all about staying organized. This is something that I’m not terribly at but I’m far from perfect. Shhhh don’t tell my husband because he would have a different comment. He’s one of those people where everything has a place and everything is in its place. I’m more of a stack of papers here and there on my desk but I know where things are. Oh well they say that opposites attract lolol.

Organizing is something I’m interested in so I, from time to time,  I read up on the subject. Currently I’m reading; The One Week Self-Organization Challenge by Simon Wright.

I do know one thing that if you take the time to organize things, even a little bit it can be very mentally uplifting and almost feel like a weight is taken off your shoulders. Or maybe that’s just me.

I remember one of my bosses telling me that when people work through sorting  papers on their desk that typically they rotate in piles. Kinda like a clock and eventually they have completed a full circle on your desk.

My challenge this week is a stack of papers that have accumulated while we were away. Kinda a mish mash of personal stuff, genealogy stuff and business stuff. So I’m  going to work on that. The book tells me I need to identify the problem. Check

Next it tells me to increase my productivity. Well that must be talking about not looking at social media. I can’t tell you the number of time I start something and then….. Squirrel… Or something shiny gets in the way.

The book talks about learning a new skill. Often picking up a new skill such as this is well worth the time and money as you can use the information in other aspects of your life.

It also talks about delegation. I can’t do that with my stack of papers but perhaps I could do that with some other task that is weighing on my mind. How about you?

I’m saving some of the next steps for tomorrow’s blog so in the meantime think of the task you’d like to organize and then think about how you are going to tackle it. Don’t make it a huge task, sometime;  I think we make the job too big and that becomes overwhelming. Remember it’s about eating that elephant…. One bite at a time.

Note. I have no connection to the book. It’s just the book I’m reading. Perhaps you’d like to read it too; The One Week Self-Organization Challenge  by Simon Wright


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