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Distracted or Social Media Junky… Oh Look; Squirrel

A Brown squirrel eating nuts

Over the past couple of years I’ve wondered If I have  had a mild attention disorder or If social media has created this. Either way I seem to be on the go and doing so many things that sometimes it’s hard to “stay focused”.

Sometimes stayed focused can be easier said that done. So what can we do so that we stay on task so we get those jobs done and are able to get to the  fun stuff; like, genealogy?

1. Set a time limit for social media. Even if it has to be a timer on the stove.

2. Sometimes it’s not that we are distracted as much as the job we have to do isn’t the most exiting thing to do.  Sometimes you just have to “suck it up” and “just do it”. Perhaps you need to get up early before the rest of the family gets up or stay up later and do that nasty job after everyone is in bed.

3. Headphones. Whether you use them to play music or not, if you’re wearing them then people tend to leave you along.  This is a tried and true system that my husband; Kevin uses.

4. Don’t try to multi-task. I’ve read a few reports lately that tell us that multi-tasking doesn’t mean you’re doing more jobs better but rather more job mediocre. Pick one job and do it well.

Once you get your jobs done you’ll have more free time to work on your family history. Because you know that’s not distracting at all. “Hey look there’s a new website for sharing your tree”…….